Tascha Hermann
1 min read
05 Jun

n today's applicant tracking system (ATS) driven hiring world, keywords are king. There is so much hype around “keywords” – but with a valid reason…Recruiters and hiring managers often filter candidates based on specific terms, and job titles are a prime target. But what happens when your “actual hands-on experience” doesn't perfectly match your title, or your title is unique to your company or region?

Let's face it, job titles can be a minefield. Consider these scenarios:

  •  The HR candidate: You're an "HR Manager" at a company of 150, single-handedly handling the entire HR spectrum. A recruiter searching for "Head of HR" might miss you entirely, even though you essentially do that job and you are part of the leadership team.

  •  The Sales candidate: "Sales Director" in South Africa could (and normally does) signify an executive leadership role managing a team or department of various sales roles… while the same title “Sales Director” in the UK or some places in APAC might denote an individual contributor and someone that is not part of the Leadership team. 

These inconsistencies can lead to your profile (CV or Online) being overlooked. We have seen the proof of this a million times over! 

So, this is my advice – EXPAND & EXPLAIN

  • The key is to leverage your CV and LinkedIn profile to paint a clearer picture of your experience beyond just the title.
  • Consider adding a sub-title that clarifies your scope. For example, "HR Manager (Full-Spectrum HR)" or "Sales Director (Senior Leadership Team)".
  • Create a Powerful Summary and highlight your key achievements and responsibilities that transcend your title.
  • Detail Your Achievements and transferable skills - Don't just list duties. Showcase your impact with quantifiable results. Did you revamp the onboarding process, leading to a 20% reduction in turnover? Show it!  

As the proud founder of Global Profile Ltd, it’s my job to bridge this gap and ensure your skills and experience shine through. We are here to help you (the candidate), one step before you reach out to recruitment agencies or try to apply for jobs (amongst hundreds of other applicants)!  

Don’t waste your time and effort until you are 100% ready – because it is not just about impressing the hiring manager, you first need to get past the recruiters and the ATS bots.


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