Tascha Hermann
1 min read
09 May

While cooking a steak at home is 100% possible (and cheaper), there's HUGE value in going to a restaurant and it’s a treat, right?

I mean, you get the expertise of a chef, the convenience of a prepared meal, and hopefully a unique and memorable dining experience and atmosphere.

And, we know that anyone can fry a steak, but mastering the art of grilling, understanding the nuances of different cuts, and creating a perfectly seasoned and cooked steak is a different skill altogether.

100% Correct.

Similarly, professional CV writing and LinkedIn optimisation creation offer expertise, convenience, and the potential to land your dream job. Creating a compelling CV or LinkedIn profile goes beyond simply listing your work history and skills. It requires things like strategic storytelling; understanding how to tailor your documents to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and recruiter searches; layout/formatting; etc.

And yes, AI can help with some of this - but it lacks the human touch and strategic understanding needed to craft a truly impactful profile.

It sounds so simple - But it's not something everyone can do on their own. And that is ok!

That is why there are vocations like being a Chef, Personal Trainer, or Business Coach, etc… you are paying for an experienced professional to deliver a service or a product that you could do on your own, but you need help and support to get it done with perfection.

So, are you investing in a basic home-cooked steak, or do you want to experience a sumptuous, perfectly grilled steak that impresses beyond measure?

The Choice is Yours.

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